About Suzie Sunshine

Suzie Sunshine was created and founded by Suzanne Brown, a lifetime performer, whose voice has been heard across North America for over 30 years.

At 13, Suzanne started writing, singing, and recording. Her first recordings included a jingle for Del Monte Bananas, a ballad for “Big Brothers,” and a song for Rabbi Marvin Roseʼs record titled “ Life Can Be A Pleasure.” At 18, she was granted a full musical theatre scholarship where she continued her training in a variety of styles including Broadway, opera, pop, and everything in between.

Suzanne has been coaching and entertaining people of all ages, from toddlers to seniors, since the 1970’s. She has worked in daycares and schools across North America, designing and teaching all classes on all things music. She has also worked extensively with the Special Olympics, including writing and singing the theme song “The Courage to Shine” in 1996. Learn more about Suzanne and her other work at www.suzannebrown.com

Her new book series on the great composers is a project manifested by the very sincere desire to introduce the great composers of music history to preschoolers in a fun engaging way, thereby opening up their world to all styles of music and all that it has to offer.

Singing, teaching, and entertaining is her love and passion, and sharing her knowledge, experience, and history of music is her goal.


Oakville Beaver 2016: Oakville author Suzanne Brown wins awards for Baroque With Joy

What We Do!

Suzie Sunshine is a program catered towards young children and parents alike. Extremely entertaining, Suzie Sunshine also provides a safe learning environment for principles in music and life.

Suzie Sunshine is always full of smiles with a beautiful voice that’ll warm your soul “Filling your heart with laughter, cause joy is the only way”.

  • Daycare music lessons & entertainment
  • Entertainment for birthday parties & events
  • Music lessons in schools