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Suzie Sunshine has been entertaining children and recording for over 30 years. A sincere lover of books, she includes at least one book in song for all her classes and often in her performances.Baroque with Joy by Suzanne Brown

She has written and published a series of books on the great composers. The first book in our series “Baroque With Joy” was nominated for two awards. We are happy to see that the response has been so positive. Our books are now found in libraries across Canada, daycares throughout North America and are even being used in Early Childhood Education university courses.

“Classical With Joy” is a joyful, lighthearted introduction to three of the great composers of the Classical Era; Haydn, Mozart and Rossini. The book series gives parents and teachers alike an easy fun-filled way to introduce young children to the sights and sounds of classical music.

Specifically designed for younger children, while music from the composers plays in the background, the book tours and shows will delight audiences while introducing great music in an age appropriate way.

The shows designed for young children are perfect for your family events, as well as libraries, schools, and festivals.

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Baroque With Joy

Classical With Joy

Listen to Baroque with Joy online now:

With Story




Listen to Classical with Joy online now:

With Story

Mozart “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik”

Rossini “Cat Duel” (no vocals)

Haydn “The Surprise”

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