Educational Shows for Kids

There is no better way to introduce educational ideas than through music and music education. We know that children take in more information before they are 5-years-old than at any other period in their lives, so why do we start classical music education so late? Mozart was composing at a young age, and our children may not be Mozart’s, but we can certainly broaden the genres they listen to.

Introducing them to classical music at a young age but that isn’t always easy. Can you imagine your 3-year-old at a symphony? What do you do? Suzie Sunshine has been working with young children for years and engages them in a fun way that will keep them entertained while teaching.

It truly is the best of both worlds.

Based on Suzie Sunshine’s new book series on the great composers and her music collection, The Suzie Sunshine Live shows are educational and a hit. Educational shows are offered both in house and on location.

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