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Every child is different, so every birthday party is designed to meet the individual needs of the birthday boy or girl, and their unique group of friends. Suzie Sunshine Birthday Parties give children (and parents for infant parties) the opportunity to participate or watch a sing-along circle or show depending on the audience.

The show consists of all time favorite songs, including Suzie Sunshine’s own “values” songs. Musical instruments are also provided so everyone can participate.

Contact us with information on your party needs and we will structure show based on the age of those in attendance, the birthday boy or girl, location, and size of the party.

Suzie Sunshine will supply all the necessary sound equipment. Prices based on individual needs and location. Party bags are also available to help simplify your preparation.

Please use the form below to book your birthday party or inquire about availability.

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If you enjoy Suzie’s music, you will also enjoy her official YouTube Channel!

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