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Baroque with Joy
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Romantic with Joy
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Classical with Joy
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Our “Joy-Filled Beginnings” book series on Classical Composers. “Baroque With Joy” , “Classical With Joy” and “Romantic With Joy” gives parents and teachers alike an easy fun-filled way to introduce young children to the sights and sounds of classical music.

Each book is a joyful, lighthearted introduction to three composers from each Era of music. Baroque, Classical and Romantic, including Composers like Bach, Mozart and Beethoven.

Children develop languages and tastes at a very young age but most books on Classical Music are geared to older children.You and your young children will love our picture book series with free downloadable Classical music to enhance the experience. They are suggested for children six and under.

Our books are now found in libraries, book stores and Daycare Centres throughout North America and even in Europe. They are also being used in Early Childhood Education university courses.

Available in English and French.

Listen to Baroque With Joy Online

With Story

Listen to Classical With Joy Online

With Story
Rossini “Cat Duel” (no vocals)
Mozart “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik”
Haydn "The Surprise"

Listen to Romantic With Joy Online

With Story

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