Sing & Learn with Suzie Sunshine

Suzie Sunshine has entertained and educated children across North America through song and play for over 30 years. 
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Live Shows

Introducing them to classical music at a young age but that isn’t always easy. Can you imagine your 3-year-old at a symphony? What do you do? Suzie Sunshine has been working with...
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Classes for Daycare

Music plays an important role in our lives, helping with brain patterns, movement & coordination, improving motor skills, social interaction, listening awareness, attention span and ...
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Suzie's Music

Listen and sing along with Suzie Sunshine on your favourite music and streaming applications - or right here on Suzie's website!
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Book Series

NEW – Baroque with Joy – now available! Designed for younger children with music of the composers playing in the background, original books and library tours delight audiences …
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Online Learning

So you want your children to learn music but can’t take them to classes right now and ZOOM just isn’t working for you? You've come to the right place! Music Fun With Suzie Sunshine online!
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About Suzie

Suzie Sunshine was created and founded by Suzanne Brown — Suzie has been coaching and entertaining people of all ages, from toddlers to seniors, since the 1970’s …
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If you enjoy Suzie’s music, you will also enjoy her official YouTube Channel!

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